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Long Lived Vegetarians
Supercentenarian Bernando LaPallo

On August 17, 2013 LaPallo became 112 years old.

A Supercentenarian is someone who is 110 years old or over. This term came into use in 1991. Only one in 1,000 centenarians lives to be a supercentenarian. Bernardo LaPallo became 110 years old a on August 17, 2011.

He lives in Mesa, Arizona and is a renowned chef.  He attributes his old age and excellent health to a mostly vegetarian raw food diet. He also eats fish about three times a week.  Wikipedia states that Lapallo is the worlds oldest blogger. In Bernardo LaPallo's blog November 2010 he states

“I do not eat meat, except perhaps once a year. Eggs, dairy and cheese comprise a small part of my diet, too.”

Bernardo LaPallo suggests five magic foods for living longer when interviewed for a news show. They are garlic, olive oil, chocolate, cinnamon and honey.

Bernardo LaPallo has authored a 2011 health book, titled Age Less Live More. Bernardo has studied herbology and  consumes herbal products. Wikipedia says:

 “Lapallo was allegedly born in Brazil on August 17, 1901, and moved with his family to the United States at age five. He grew up in New York, where he has lived most of his life. He spent much of his time working as a chef on cruise ships and enjoys cooking. In later years he has lived in Mesa, Arizona. He is currently working on a second book.”

LaPallo attributes his health and longevity to a mostly[5] vegetarian and raw food diet and various other natural and alternative health habits