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Eating certain plant foods has been found to be greatly beneficial for repairing and blocking DNA damage.

Concord Grape extract was found to block DNA damage. by blocking the binding of carcinogens to our DNA.

Almonds and Brussel sprouts may also protect against DNA damage by boosting our own DNA repair mechanisms.

Eating certain animal foods however has been shown to damage DNA.

In a 2007 study Slovakian researchers examined DNA breaks in omnivores and vegetarians at ages 25 through to 65. Vegetarians displayed far less DNA damage as they aged than meat-eaters.

Amazingly the DNA damage of a vegetarian aged 65 appeared to be equivalent to the DNA damage of a meat eater aged 25.

Link to Slovakian study on “Effects of Diet and Age on Oxidative Damage Products in Healthy Subjects” :

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