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Long Lived Vegetarians

Marie-Louise Febronie Meilleur was aFrench Canadian Supercentenarian born on August the 29, 1880 she lived to be 117 years 230 days old.  Upon the death of Jeanne Calment she became the oldest recognized person in the world.

She was born in Kamouraska, Quebec where she married her first husband, Etienne Leclerc in 1990. They had four children together but her husband died in 1911.

She then moved to the Ontario boarder and remarried in 1915 having a further six children with her second husband.

She was said to be a vegetarian.

She apparently stayed healthy and active well into her later years. She took up fencing at 85,  still rode a bicycle at 100 and made a rap CD at 121.

Some attributed her longevity and health to her vegetarian diet including olive oil, port wine and chocolate.

Her vegetarian diet helped her in becoming the forth oldest person in history ever, as of 2014. (fully verifiable by documented records) She also remains the oldest validated Canadian ever.

Super Centenarian Marie-Louise Febronie Meilleur