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Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
Health Benefits of a Plant based Diet

The evidence is mounting that eating a strict vegetarian, low fat, oil free, whole food diet can prevent and reverse heart disease.

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., a former surgeon, researcher and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic achieved astonishing results in his pioneering 20 year study.

The patients in Dr. Esselstyn’s initial study were suffering from advanced coronary artery disease. They had undergone  combative and intrusive treatment. The patients had between them received bypasses and angioplasties. 5 of the original group were given  less than a year to live by their cardiologists. Dr Esselstyn put them on a programme that incorporated a strict plant based diet, eliminated all meat, fish ,dairy  and eggs as well as eliminating oils and processed foods.

Within months on their new diet Dr. Esselstyn’s patients saw their cholesterol levels, angina symptoms, and blood flow improved remarkably.

Twelve years later 17 compliant patients had no further cardiac events. Up until beginning the diet they had suffered from 49 cardiac events between them.
The patients that continued to adhere to the diet lived  free of symptoms in excess of 20 years.

Angiograms taken of the adherent patients in the study reveal a widening of the coronary arteries, and therefore a reversal of the heart disease.

Doctor Dean Ornish has been working in this field long before Doctor Esselstyn. He has yielded similar results by putting his patients on a lifestyle programme that incorporates a similar low fat, whole food, plant based diet, amongst other changes to reduce stress and encourage exercise.

Doctor Dean Ornish has successfully helped patients reverse heart disease with this lifestyle programme with out the need for drugs and surgery.