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VEGetariAN Freerunner Tim Shieff

Tim Shieff was  born  on March 24, 1988 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA; but moved to England when only 3, where he grew up.

Tim Shieff is a professional Free runner/Traceur athlete/artist and one of the founding members of Storm freerun. He has one of the most accomplished records in competitive freerunning, including winning the  Barclaycard World Freerun championships in 2009 and winning the Red Bull Art of Motion in London 2011.

Tim Shieff moved to a plant based diet in August 2012 and has rapidly evolved into a committed  vegan (Strict vegetarian).  

He has been very vocal in expressing the benefits of a plant based diet on his physical performance, recovery and on the spiritual and wider benefits of the diet.

He believes he has become a better athlete since he became plant based.

After becoming vegan he  helped  lead Europe to victory  in the American Ninja Warrior competition, in 2014 in the special "USA vs. The World"  series. He uses the show and his status as a successful athlete to promote the positive benefits of a plant based diet.