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Vegetarian Future
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The weight of scientific evidence strongly supports the conclusion that a vegetarian diet naturally lowers a persons risk of developing cancer.  Many reputable scientific studies have reached the conclusion that vegetarians are nearly 50 percent less likely to die from cancer than non-vegetarians.

Vegetarians are at a much lower risk of Cancer than meat eaters. A plant based diet is abundant in antioxidants and vitamins that naturally lower the risk of cancer and other diseases. Meat eaters, especially those that often consume fatty meats are at a much higher risk of cancer.

Some scientists now believe that not only is a plant based diet a huge preventative of cancer but that, switching to a strict plant-based diet can reverse or even cure cancerous tumours. Irrespective of the type of cancer, a diet abundant in the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables has a powerful protective effect, whereas animal protein and meat products has the opposite effect and significantly increase the potential risk of developing cancer.

The risk of meat and dairy products found in grocery stores and restaurants of being contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, environmental toxins, hormones and/or antibiotics is very high in fact almost all non organic meat is contaminated in this way. This contamination greatly increases the risk of developing cancer. On the other hand, a balanced vegetarian diet is abundant in fruits and vegetables and has a protective effect against cancer.

Research scientists from the Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts have observed that not only does a vegetarian diet help to fight cancer, but that it may potentially be able to block a cancer's ability to grow.

Plant foods are rich in antioxidants which can protect DNA from damage that can lead to malignant transformation.

The researchers explain that a vegetarian diet will  block cancer's ability to grow via “angiogenesis”, the process whereby a tissue is able to grow new blood vessels.

If this process goes wrong, new blood vessels do not form when they are required, or , blood vessel formation continues with no control.

The researchers have found that plant chemicals in foods like apples, blackberries, oranges, and various vegetables appear to be able to suppress angiogenesis so that a single cancer cell or group of cancer cells is blocked from growing enough to cause any serious problems. These foods are abundant in a balanced healthy vegetarian diet.

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