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Vegetarian Future
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Protection From Animal to Human Disease Transmission

Eating meat can cause the transmission of disease from infected animals to people who consume them.  The connection between the consumption of  infected animals and human illness is well established. Salmonella infection is wide spread amongst factory farmed chickens eating under cooked meat has long been known to be dangerous as such Diseases as salmonella are easily transferred to humans. Recently a number of scientists have begun to propose that there is a similar correlation between animal meat and birth defects, human cancer, mutations, and numerous other diseases in humans. Bovine leukaemia virus is a form of cancer that is thought to effect 20% of all cows. Studies have increasingly linked Bovine leukaemia virus with the first human retrovirus discovered to cause cancer. Scientists have discovered that a bovine immunodeficiency virus which is the equivalent of the AIDS virus in cows, can also transfer via the consumption of meat and infect human cells. It is proposed that bovine immunodeficiency virus could be linked to the development of a number of malignant or slow viruses in humans.

Diseases that are known to be transferred to humans via eating animal flesh include the following:

Creutzfeldt-Jakob a brain degenerative disease, transfered to humans by eating cattle infected with BSE known as mad cow disease.

Toxoplasmosis, a a parasitic disease.

Eating a vegetarian diet helps you avoid the many diseases that can infect  animal flesh.

Health Benefits of a Plant based Diet