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Vegetarian Future
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livestock is responsible for over half world’s greenhouse gases  a massive  51 percent come solely from. This figure was calculated in a recent authoritative report published by the World Watch institute, by authors Goodland and Anhang. This makes factory farming one of the main culprits of global warming. To put it into perspective, it takes 11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie of animal protein as it does to make one calorie of plant protein.

    Global warming  is possibly the most dangerous environment problem ever faced in human history. However major environmental organizations have put the focus almost entirely on carbon dioxide emissions, failing to account for published data showing that other gases are more significant culprits behind the global warming we see today.

The main sources of  greenhouse gases from animal agriculture are:

1) Methane from manure waste. – Methane is 72 times more damaging as a global warming gas than CO2

2) Deforestation of the rainforests for livestock grazing and to grow feed for livestock.

3) Refrigeration and transportation of meat all around the world.

4) The rearing, processing and slaughtering of the animals.

Many environmental organisations are failing to point out that one of the single most important actions an individual can take to combat global warming is to adopt a vegetarian diet.

In its 2006 report, the United Nations said raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined.

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